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DUI Services in Butte County, CA

Facing a DUI case can be intimidating but rest assured that Solutions for Positive Choices is here to provide you with the assistance you need. Our DUI services in Butte County, CA, help you navigate this situation and avoid trouble. As a state-licensed and Butte County-approved program, we meet all the requirements set by the State of California Department of Health Care Services. You can trust us to provide the best DUI counseling during this difficult time.
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Why You Should Call Us

Let us assist you with all your case requirements. Some of the key benefits we provide include:
  • Speeding Up the Return Process of Your Driver’s License
  • Meeting Court-Ordered Requirements
  • Setting Up Appointments to Enroll Under a First-Offender or Multiple-Offender Program
    • You May be Eligible for a Restricted Driver’s License Prior to Court Conviction
Trust us to support you throughout your DUI case and help you complete your requirements efficiently and effectively.
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Program Services

We offer Zoom and In-Person Services. Convenient class times and interest free payment plans are available at all locations.
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