DUI Programs

At Solutions for Positive Choices we offer a variety of DUI programs. If you are interested in our Theft Awareness program, please click here.

Education Only (12 hours)
12 Hours of Education
(If your driving privilege has been suspended and you want to apply for restricted driving privileges, you must enroll in the 3 month DUI program in order to obtain a restricted driver’s license)

First Offender Program Level 1
Minimum of 3 months to complete
· 18 hours of education
· 12 hours of group counseling
· 3 face-to-face interviews

First Offender Program Level 2
Minimum of 6 months to complete
· 15 hours of education
· 28 hours of group counseling
· 8 face-to-face interviews

First Offender Program Level 2
Minimum of 9 months to complete
·12 hours of education
· 44 hours of group counseling
· 20 face-to-face interviews

Multiple Offender Program
Minimum of 18 months to complete
· 12 hours of education
· 52 hours of group counseling
· Biweekly face-to-face interviews
· 6 months reentry program 1 hour per month

Multiple Offender 30-month Programs (offered in Oroville & Paradise only)
Minimum of 30 months to complete
· 12 hours of education
· 78 hours of group counseling
· Bi-weekly face-to-face interviews
· 12 months monitoring and countinuing care
· Minimum of 120 hours of community service


  • Due to the nature of a DUI conviction, we address the subject of substance use/abuse patterns and the choices we make.
  • Also, we address the issues surrounding alcohol and chemical dependency since some participants will discover they are becoming increasingly dependent on mood-altering substances.
  • Our main objective for each participant is to make positive choices and not be a repeat offender. That is the measure of success.