Other Programs

In addition to our DUI programs we also offer a Theft Awareness program.

Theft Awareness Program:
Who is the program for?
Anyone convicted of theft and ordered by the Court or Probation Department to attend this program.What is the program about?
Participants learn there is a pattern of thinking that precedes and goes on during the act of stealing. Theft Awareness focuses on development of an “internal control system” to maintain awareness of what is going on and then take steps to change future outcomes.How is a successful outcome achieved?
By correcting thinking errors and learning to empathize with the victims.

When and where will this program be?
At the Solutions for Positive Choices main office 645 Normal Avenue (corner of W. 7th and Normal) in Chico .

How long is the program and what happens?
The program, featuring a group therapy environment, is held for four hours on a weekend day. Each participant will share their experience and then be guided through cognitive restructuring.

Cost of the Theft Awareness program is $100.00 (lunch is included).

For more information or to make an appointment, please call (530) 898-8333.